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Biological Testing Products and Services
Detect-Collect-Identify (DCI)
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) architecture
  • Point-of-presence medical imaging camera
  • Air sampling laser florescence detector
  • Cyclone inertial biological sample collector
  • MIT "Canary" rapid identifier
  • DCI progression asssessment

  • Confidence Levels: 90% => 99% => 99.999%
Airbeam and Tent Biological Protective Shelter Controllers
  • Airbeam biological tent network controller
  • Biological and chemical detection sensors
  • Environmental air conditioning and heat control
  • Biological HEPA filtration control
  • Power generator controllers
  • Integrated network and touch screen interface
Biological Tracing App Framework
        Under Development
  • Android and Apple phone app
  • Secure and Private BioKiosk interface
  • Test results and medical instructions
  • Public KML block GIS contact x-reference
  • Private GPS GIS Direct Contact x-reference
UAV Infrastructure Products and Services
UAV Docking Stands
  • Multi-rotor UAV docking station
  • Automated launch and landing
  • Pre-flight diagnostic checkout
  • Battery recharging
  • Works with DroneDrive
3D Printed UAVs
  • Small multi-rotor UAV platform
  • 3D printable copter components
  • Quad or octo rotors
  • RTK GPS navigation
  • DroneDrive docking
  • Outdoor netted Launch-Land-Test shelter
  • Personnel safety interlocks
  • Retractable UAV entry/exit hatch
  • Integrated communications
  • Standard and custom configurations
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